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“Welcome to Eco-Mentor U, a virtual university online where you I introduce you to my two Eco-Mentor Leadership Trainings, as well as the beautiful rainbow of educational tools that are an integral part of them. On this page, and the pages that link to it, I invite you to get a good idea about who these tools serve. I also share with you how I “dish up” these tools (in the form of an “Educational Meal”) during your educational process, to support you in ‘nourishing your innate eco-intelligence! Below, is a brief overview of both my Eco-Mentor Apprentice Training and my Eco-Mentor Activist Training. Each of these can be studied independently of one another, or together. No matter which option you choose, -you can use my training tools to mentor yourself and/or another!” & Candia Lea Cole

Candia speaks about Eco-Leadership

My Eco-Mentor Apprentice Training (Get Certified in 8-10 Weeks)

 (A Brief Overview)

Woman Kissing TreeThis training, which invites you to awaken your innate eco-intelligence and follow me on my own lifelong journey to become an Eco-Mentor, is a deep dive into the heart and soul of personal healing and planetary transformation. It will likely appeal to you if you are a culturally creative woman (age 18-35 and up) who has interest in any or all the following things: Being healthier in body, mind and spirit…honoring your authentic needs versus your social conditioning …living green…fostering a sacred relationship with Mother Earth that honors the principle of reciprocity…rallying behind the lifestyle production systems that support an eco-conscious economy…understanding and healing environmental illness…detoxifying and  regenerating your body…growing your spiritual awareness…giving birth (symbolically speaking) to the sacred feminine within yourself…speaking your truth more fearlessly…and supporting the continuation of life and the evolution of humanity. Are you an Eco-Mentor Apprentice? Take my quizz, to find out! Read More


 My Eco-Mentor Activist Training (Get certified in 12 Months or less)

 (A Brief Overview)

The question that so many parents, teens, college students, and young adults alike, are asking themselves today is: “What is happening to our world and Our Earth?” and “How are we going to thrive, versus barely survive in the 21st century?” In this training, I provide you with “the little instruction manuals for life” that we all need in this moment, to guide us in the right new direction. You’re going to have the opportunity (through your interaction with my beautiful learning tools) to walk with me on my six step pathway to eco-intelligent living, –a path that guides to remember your sacred birthright and honor the life you were born to live! The six steps to eco-intelligent living are the steps that I took on my own life journey, –a journey I embarked upon as a young adult, which led me to understand and heal the symptoms of environmental illness. Through all the valuable learning experiences and heart-opening lessons I gained on my journey, I was inspired to use my healing as a catalyst for the Earth’s healing. And now,  YOU can, too! Are you an Eco-Mentor Activist? Take my quizz to find out! Read More

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