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In 2014, I was honored to contribute my words and videos to two books, and become part of a global community of Change Agents!    

Jared Rosen, the founder of Dream Sculpt Media, (in conjunction with Waterside Productions) invited me to contribute a chapter to a media enriched book titled: ‘Transform Agents.’ I chose to highlight an excerpt from my memoir, ‘Born to Live Green’, because it is the one book in my collection of educational products which reflects my own transformation journey, -a journey to heal myself and the earth through eco-intelligent living. Christopher Van Buren, the founder of Launch Moxie, (working in tandem with Jared), invited me to be part of a dynamic author coop that will support me and other amazing authors in sharing our visionary/missionary work with the world!

Transform Agents-Eclectic Author Collection

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See and Hear What 16 ‘Transform Agents’ Have to Teach Us about Living Well in The 21st Century!  

The book features an eclectic selection of 16 authors (including myself) sharing their highest wisdom for living well in today’s world, using both words and 60 second videos. Its amazing how in minutes you can absorb the distilled knowledge of a wide variety of transformational authors.  If you resonate with an author’s message you can click and get free downloads including ebooks, music, meditations and more.

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Dr. William G. Spady, a reknowned education expert and spiritual scholar, invited me to contribute a chapter to a book he was compiling and editing titled: ‘Bringing Heart and Soul To Education.’ I chose to write about the importance of offering a curriculum to teachers and students, such as The ‘Bring Back the Earth! Eco-Learning Legacy & Eco-Mentor Leadership Training. This is the training that I offer on this site, which is designed to support you and your family in meeting your real-life needs in today’s eco-challenged times, while cultivating the ‘eco-relationships’ that lie at the heart and soul of our personal and planetary well-being. It was a true honor for me to share my voice in this book, and be recognized by a group of education ‘experts’ for my unique contribution to the world of education!

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What Do 14 Education Experts Suggest for the Future of Education?

This book features a selection of 14 caring, insightful, enlightened, and courageous writers (including myself), who have lent their voices to a volume that cries out to be heard. You’ll be inspired by the wide range of perspectives on the new educational alternatives open to us as a global community, if we’re simply willing to confront today’s obsession with standardization and ‘reclaim the heart and soul of education.’ From classroom teachers to renowned scholars, researchers, and visionaries, the authors of this book offer compelling outside-the-box perspectives on what’s both desirable and possible in the name of education in the 21st century!

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Listen to Bill Spady talk about education (Candia’s work is mentioned in the discussion)  

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