Do You Hear ‘The Calling’ To Be an Eco Mentor in Your Home or Community?

Our world is undergoing a massive shift. The Earth’s health is hurting badly, and because we’re an integral part of the Earth, our health is also suffering! Most people who are walking the planet today are not even aware that they have one form or another of “environmental illness.” That’s because the symptoms can manifest as fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, autism, cancer, or dozens of other medical conditions you might not suspect have any direct correlation with it. When we are continuously exposed to toxins in the air we breathe, the foods we eat, the lifestyle products we use, and the negative events happening in the world which wear us down emotionally, our immune systems struggle to protect our health.

To regain our health, we need to see “the bigger picture.” Healing ourselves isn’t really possible if we don’t also heal the Earth! But how do we do that? How do we live on the Earth in way that protects and sustains the life and health of all living things, and, at the same time, protects and sustains our own personal health and well being? Is it about making different lifestyle choices alone? Or, is it about nurturing a whole new consciousness? I believe it’s both!

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  • In my free mini-book, I introduce you to the six ‘ingredients’ of eco-intelligent living. These ingredients will nourish your awareness about why (I believe) you were ‘BORN’ to be an Eco-Mentor!
  • You’ll discover how you can use these ‘ingredients’ to nourish your innate eco-intelligence and begin a personal healing journey that serves as a catalyst for Mother Earth’s healing!
  • My book tells you about my 10 week Eco-Mentor Apprentice Training and my 12 month Eco-Mentor Activist Training! You get to choose the ed. legacy that you’ll participate in and/or share!
  • Not sure you have what it takes, to be an Eco-Mentor? Relax! I’ve created learning modules that do all of the teaching for you. You simply need to show up, open your mind and heart, and download the learning tools that speak to you!
  • All of  my Eco-Mentor Graduates are rewarded with a beautiful graduation certificate upon completing the trainings. Opportunities to intern with my company are available to graduates. 

I look forward to sharing with you, the beautiful training tools I’ve created for you, which offer to make learning about eco-intelligent living and feminine eco-leadership a heart and soul stirring experience! To view a 4-part webinar about Eco-Mentoring, please contact me at:     


 Candia Lea Cole

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