Eco-Mentoring & Objectives


“An Eco-Mentor is a person who is keenly aware of the health challenges that are impacting people, the planet, and all living things. They are ready and willing to use our challenges as the impetus for creating a healthier, saner, more compassionate reality, —one that supports us in being in a healthy, loving RELATIONSHIP with ourselves, each other, and the Earth.” –Candia Lea Cole 

The New Reality that Eco-Mentors Are Here to Create          

The new reality that Eco-Mentors wish to create, is fostered by a decision first and foremost, to “stop doing harm” to their bodies and the Earth. Secondly, it is fostered by a readiness to respect and honor their innate eco-intelligence, -the intelligence that guides them to live in balance with the ecological needs of all living things. Thirdly, is it fostered by a willingness to nurture the ‘eco-relationships’ that are the foundation of their happiness and health. These relationships include their bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits (as a whole). They also include plants, animals, eco-systems, and the greater cosmos, of which they are an integral part.

What Eco-Mentors Care Passionately About:

  • Honoring Our Authentic Needs (Body/Mind/Heart/Soul)
  • Transcending Social Conditioning (Releasing Attachment to the Status Quo)
  • Living a Life of Simple Abundance (Curbing Spending and Debt)
  • Creating Social Justice and Equality for All
  • Speaking Compassionately (Practicing Non-Violent Communication)
  • Healing the Wounded Feminine and Masculine
  • Honoring Nature’s Indigenous Wisdom
  • Living Sustainability (Being Eco-Conscious Consumers)
  • Protecting Land, Air, Water ans Species (through Organic, Non GMO Agriculture)
  • Giving Plants and Animals a Voice
  • Consuming Whole Foods Nutrition
  • Eating to Raise Personal & Planetary Consciousness
  • Taking Greater Responsibility for Our Health (Preventative Health Care)
  • Sourcing Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Medicine
  • Protecting Our Health Freedoms
  • Cultivating Spiritual Growth through Life’s Hardships
  • Fostering Unity Consciousness
  • Practicing Everyday Leadership (Rooted in the Desire to Make a Difference)

People that I Train, To Live as Eco-Mentors 

  • Culturally Creative Eco-Conscious Parents: Do you want to become more eco-literate and share a memorable eco-ed. legacy with your family that gives them tools for living well in today’s eco-challenged times?
  • College Students Seeking to Develop Eco-Leadership Skills: Would you like to discover how eco-leadership is rooted in your everyday self-development? Do you like the idea of learning how to nurture the relationships that are the key to your personal health and planetary well-being?
  • Young Women Seeking Feminine Eco-Wisdom: Would you like to awaken the wisdom for living well that lies at the heart’s core of your being (which has long been suppressed in our culture) and reclaim it, in order to live well and create a culture that is responsive to change?
  • People affected by Environmental Illness: Do you feel alone and confused about how to get well, and would you welcome love, friendship, and support on your healing journey?
  • Educators and Mentors: Do you realize that you can’t sit out the current educational crisis in our culture, and do you want to meet the changing needs of learners with ed. tools that think outside the box?

Click Here, for Both A General and Specific Overview of My Eco-Mentor Trainings:

Candia Speaks about Mentoring 

At Eco-Mentor U, Everyone Is Encouraged to Be an Eco-Mentor in Their Home and/or Community


Ready to Become an Eco-Mentor? (Eco-Mentoring Objectives) 

To those of us who are awakening to our calling as Eco-Mentors, our conventional education system  has a limited amount to offer us in terms of learning and teaching tools. That’s why I’ve devoted many years of my adult life, to imagining and creating The Bring Back the Earth! Eco-Learning Legacy & Eco-Mentor Leadership Training. The primary objectives of my training include: 1) awakening your innate eco-intelligence and caring for the health of your self and the Earth, 2) honoring your unique interests, motivations and passions as a learner, 3) listening to your inner voice and honoring your intuition, 4) celebrating learning in your everyday life, 5) inviting your body, mind, heart and soul to be present in the learning process, 6) using the experience of learning to feel inspired about the future, and 7) “helping life to go on” by serving your family and humanity.

A Declaration of Conscious Education for Humanity (Sign the Declaration!) 

Declaration of Conscious Education_ Dr. William Spady

Please print and sign the attached PDF document and send it back to its author (my colleague), Dr. William Spady at: Dr. Spady is a sociologist, education change leader, and internationally recognized authority on paradigm-shifting approaches to educational change and transformation. His latest book, Bringing Heart and Soul to Education, was published in 2014. I, Candia Lea Cole, had the distinct honor of being chosen to contribute my voice to this wonderfully enlightening book.

Pen to sign with

  • In signing the Declaration, you will affirm (along with me) your commitment to conscious education in the 21st century.
  • You will also be directly acknowledged by William, for your desire to be part of a growing community of parents, teachers, and everyday change agents around the world, who are devoted to helping learners realize their highest potential, become loving, collaborative minded citizens, and effect true and lasting change in the world.
  • I highly recommend Dr. Spady’s book to all people who are interested in alternatives to conventional education. To learn more, please visit his website at:







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