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Educational Meal

Features the “Refreshments” and “Appetizers” Portion of My Educational Meal
“The path to healing Mother Earth begins with healing ourselves. And, healing ourselves is an effort we make to honor the needs of our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. It’s an effort to feel whole, live whole, and use our wholeness to re-imagine and the Earth and restore it to a greater state of wholeness.” – Candia Lea Cole
 Is This Training Right for You? (My Questions Offer to Help You Decide!)
    • Are you, or is someone you care about, struggling with health challenges more than ever before, including physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual challenges?
    • Have you ever been told, or do you suspect, that you (or they) are dealing with the symptoms of “environmental illness” (caused by exposure to environmental toxins) or “mystery illness” (often caused by viruses)?
    • Do you experience pain and distress related to hormonal issues? (Are you concerned that chemicals in the environment may be affecting your hormones?)
    • Have conventional doctors failed to help you feel well, and do you sometimes feel misunderstood, alone, invisible, and isolated as a result?
    • Are you seeking a way to take a greater level of responsibility for your health and well-being, but you’re uncertain how to go about it because of all of the different opinions and information out there, about preventative health care?
    • Are you feeling an inner nudge to break free from the social conditioning (status quo) that hasn’t supported you in truly knowing and respecting your authentic needs and the Earth’s needs?
    • Do you want to gain a better understanding about how your everyday lifestyle choices are impacting the health of your body and the Earth, including plants, animals, and eco-systems?
    • Do you want to stop feeling overwhelmed about the personal and planetary health problems facing us as a global culture, and tap into the eco-intelligence you were born with that supports you in making a difference?
    • Are you a shy or reluctant leader, even though you see the big picture (you see the connection between our personal and planetary health ills) and you’re a person who cares about “making a difference”?
    • Is there a voice inside of you that wants to openly express its concern for the health of yourself, your family, and humanity at large, but you haven’t discovered the language that can help you to express it?
Training Overview:

If you’re a woman (young or older alike) who is seeking an experience of life in which your sense of health, happiness, and wholeness comes from being in a more loving and caring RELATIONSHIP with yourself, others, and all living things, this training is for you. I will guide you in this training, to understand and appreciate the inextricable link between your health challenges and Mother Earth’s health challenges. You’ll learn about the impact that your everyday lifestyle choices are having on your health and the Earth’s. I’ll support you in releasing and replacing toxic lifestyle habits (one’s that aren’t eco-friendly), so you can focus on making healthful choices that serve to simultaneously detoxify and regenerate the living ecology of your body and the Earth. I’ll also share with you my insights about how you can work to heal female health issues, –not only by nourishing your body with whole foods nutrition, but by embodying the intelligence and power of biological cycles (including menstruation and menopause) to deepen your relationship with your feminine self and Mother Earth. Through this journey, you’ll awaken, honor and celebrate your innate eco-intelligence. And, you’ll nurture the feminine half of your humanity, the part of you you that was born to trust in nature’s abundance and protect it through a cooperative (versus controlling) relationship with Mother Earth!

For Whom? (Women, ages 18-35 and Up) 

* Culturally creative parents who wish to become more eco-literate, so they can share a memorable Eco-Ed. legacy with their teenage daughters that offers to awaken their hearts and souls to the path of eco-intelligent living.

* Eco-conscious college students who are seeking ways to take better care of their health (and the Earth’s) through holistic lifestyle practices, while developing the relationship building skills and communication skills that are essential to feminine leadership.

* A mature eco-conscious teenager (“greenager”) who wants to learn how they can protect their future (and the future of all living things) by practicing eco-conscious, eco-sustainable living.

*Young adult women who are concerned about (or affected by) environmental illness, stress, or depression, who is seeking ways to empower themselves on their healing journey.

*21st century lifestyle educators who want to become more eco-literate, and make a true difference in the lives of young people.

Forms of Learning ?
  • Young adults can easily complete the training on their own. Teens are encouraged to participate with a parent’s guidance.The mentoring process is designed to empower both.
  • While my memoir (used in the training) may contain material that seems “just right” for some teens (especially eco-conscious, avid readers), parts of its content may seem too mature for others.
  • My Mentor Guide on the other hand, (especially the learning  modules titled “Refreshments” and “Appetizers”) should appeal to most teens.  Either way, you can scan individual chapter titles (to determine your interest in them) and read them one by one (in PDF download format).
  • This training offers to be a primer for the Eco-Mentor Activist Training, but it’s not a prerequisite.
  • 8-12 weeks of guided, go-at -your-own-pace-learning.
Learning Tools Include:
  • You are provided in this training with two Discovery & Empowerment tools, including my Memoir and my Mentor Guide Book.
    • My Memoir: ‘Born to Live Green-Awakening My Heart’s Wisdom to the Path of Eco-Intelligent Living, is a poignant, heart awakening story that chronicles my life long journey to understand, manage, and heal health challenges that resulted from living unconscious of my authentic needs, including my need to be in a healthy and loving relationship with my whole self and the greater whole of life. It shares the arduous path of learning I explored, and the meaningful lessons I gained on my self-healing journey, -a journey in which I found a true friend in Mother Earth, and learned to trust her timeless wisdom for living well, feeling whole, and embodying the feminine eco-leader I was born to be!  Click on the link below to get a deeper sense of what this book is about, and learn how it might inspire you!     
More about My Memoir

You Can Read Praise for My Memoir at: Bring Back The Earth 1 001

        • My Mentor Guide Book: ‘Bring Back the Earth!‘ is a book/curriculum/ whose chapters have been laid out for you in the form of an ‘Educational Meal.” This meal offers to symbolize the “delicious learning process”in which I invite you to awaken your innate eco-intelligence, cultivate an eco-intelligent worldview, explore the kind of education that will meet your needs as a whole. In this book, you’ll to 20 scripts which  support you in recognizing and honoring the needs of your personal ecology (your body, mind, emotions, and spirit), and the planetary ecology that you’re an integral part of (nature, plants, animals, eco-systems, and the greater cosmos), so you can create an eco-intelligent lifestyle. Click on the link below to get a deeper sense of what this book is about, and learn how it might inspire you!     
More about My Mentor Guide Book

Read Praise for Mentor Guide Book at:

In addition to my Memoir and Mentor Guide Book, this training offers you: 





  • 8 Weekly Self-Learning Assessments- These offer to “ground you” in the lessons you’re learning and fortify your understanding of them.
  • 25 Community Bonuses- These are contributed by my ecoloving friends and allies. They include self-help tools that support living well, preventing disease, and growing spiritually. Each and every one of these bonuses is hand picked and reflects (or expands upon) the themes in my curriculum training, underscoring the idea that we are all being called to grow and evolve in similar ways!
  • Special Bonuses from Me: Mini Booklets: 1) Counting the Environmental Toxins that Rob Your Health Blind, and 2) A Prescription for Healing Stealth Viruses.

Are You Ready to Embark Upon the Learning Journey?

“Candia’s Eco-Mentor Apprentice course, was, I believe, the catalyst that started a long chain of life-changing events resulting in a deeper consciousness of my physical body, a clearer understanding of my awareness of the world and the environments in which I live. It stimulated a deeper awareness in me about how my health and the health of others are intertwined with the health of ‘Mama Earth’, and it reminded me the value of being in (and reclaiming) a sacred feminine relationship with nature, myself, and the Universe!” –Anndrea Terry, psychotherapist, yoga instructor, and business owner, supporting women’s health and spiritual growth
Certification: Graduate with the “I Am an Eco-Mentor Apprentice”  Certificate

image004 You will come away from this training with a rare and precious wisdom for living well in today’s world. You’ll be inspired to share your wisdom in different ways, at different times throughout your life, and you’ll “be the light and love” that people and our planet so desperately need! Graduation Bonus:  If you would like to use your experience as an apprentice, to  intern with Eco-Learning Legacies, I encourage you to apply for this opportunity! Any experience you gain with me, will look great on your resume! And, it will be great to remain friends!

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Eco-Mentor Apprentice Training © (PDF Files and MP3 Files for Instant Download)


The wisdom of women is desperately needed in our world today. We need to remember who we are (on a core level) and what we were born to be and do on the planet. In this course, you will reawaken your innate eco-intelligence, -the intelligence you were born with that guides you to thrive and to be in a healthy, loving relationship with your body and the Earth. As a witness to my journey onto the path of eco-intelligent living, you’ll see how vitally important it is, to access the support, guidance, and teachings of Mother Earth in your own life. If you’re seeking security, support, guidance and heart-centered power that goes beyond the people and circumstances of your life, this course is for you!

• You’ll learn the reason for dropping unhealthy perspectives that keep you feeling separate from Mother Earth and be inspired to weave yourself back into the web of life.
• You’ll let go of the socially conditioned patterns in your life that have kept you from knowing and respecting your authentic human needs, -the needs of your body, mind, emotions and spirit.
• You’ll discover healthful new “eco-intelligent” lifestyle practices that detoxify and regenerate your body and the Earth and support you honoring the principle of reciprocity that fosters personal and planetary interdependence.
• You’ll explore how feminine cycles in your life (and even feminine health issues) give you opportunities to love yourself more and care for your health more meticulously.
• You’ll examine the stuck, fear-based places in your life, which may be inhibiting your development as a feminine leader, and receive spiritual insights about how to move back into a place of trust and flow.
• You’ll emerge as a more whole, grounded person who feels connected to your heart’s deepest desires: the desire to be in healty relationship (with yourself, others and all life), and the desire to serve.

This training features my Mentor Guide Book, including 20 inspiring Discovery & Empowerment Dialogues extracted from it. The Dialogues are offered in PDF file format as well as audio format, that you can easily download to your computer. It also includes my 3 Part memoir. Chapters from the book are offered one by one, so no scrolling is necessary. 8 Learner Assessments inspire deep thinking about what your are learning, and keep you on track as you move through the creative learning process! More Info »

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