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Eco-Mentor Activist Training

Features “Main Dishes” and “Side Dishes” Portion of Educational Meal
Educational Meal“Deep concern about the future of life on Earth is rising up in all of us, and we are standing on the threshold of change. We can be “the change we seek” when we reawaken our innate eco-intelligence! Living well on the Earth in the 21st century doesn’t require us to know “rocket science.” It requires us to put empathy, compassion, and love into practice in our daily lives and cultivate a relationship with ourselves, others, and all life forms that nourishes our sense of wholeness, purpose, and belonging.” –Candia Lea Cole
Is This Training Right For You? (My Questions Offer to Help You to Decide!)
    • Are concerned about what the future of life on Earth holds for you and your family?
    • Do you sometimes worry that it may be too late to reverse ecological problems such as global warming, deforestation, and species extinction?
    • Are you highly disturbed by the social problems affecting men, women, and children across the  globe?
    • Are you frustrated by our current political system, which is tied to corporate special interests, -ones that don’t seem to care about protecting the birthright of people and living things?
    • Are you growing tired of the status quo as you know it?
    • Do you  want to break free from your social conditioning and create a way of life that’s rooted in the principle of ‘simple abundance’ vs. a materialistic lifestyle rooted in a need for ego gratification?
    • Have you stopped believing in “the story” humanity has long been telling itself, which is that, humans are separate from the biotic community of life, and our actions don’t matter?
    • Would you like the opportunity to develop a more eco-intelligent worldview, -one in which your view of your self and the world are rooted in the principle of interdependence, balance, and reciprocity?
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Training Overview

This curriculum training introduces you to the six steps to eco-intelligent living. These are the outgrowth of the six ‘ingredients’ of eco-intelligent living. Here’s what they are, and here’s what they guide you to do:

6 Principles of Eco-Intelligent Living

  1. Eco-Conscious- Live aware of how your everyday lifestyle choices, food choices, and health care choices are impacting your health and the Earth’s. Explore the difference between the authentic life you need (and were born to live), and the egocentric lifestyle you’ve been socially conditioned to want.
  2. Eco-Logical-Live aware of the relationships that lie at the heart’s core of your personal and planetary well-being. Discover how your  body, mind, emotions and spirit, define your personal ecology, just as plants, animals, eco-systems, and the greater cosmos define the planetary ecology you’re an integral part of. Foster the positive exchange of energy between all of the parts that make you whole. Explore nature’s laws, which guide you to live well.
  3. Eco-SustainableLive aware of the basic necessities that are needed to sustain life within your body and the Earth. Keep life alive in the Earth’s terrestrial body by participating (as a consumer) in non-toxic productions systems (agriculture, health care, lifestyle) that protect land, air, and water. Be aware of the life giving substances (water, fiber, enzymes, etc.) that keep your human eco-system functioning optimally.
  4. Eco-Balance-Live with awareness of the everyday life rituals that foster harmony in yourself and the world, including those that support you in developing healthy self love and nurturing relationships. Use time and resources creatively. Eat whole (and humanely) in a way that integrates your needs with the needs of all living things.
  5.  Eco-Nutritional-Live with awareness of the “medicine” found in Earth-sourced foods, herbs, and water. Use their power to heal your internal organs and elevate your energy. Use the act of food preparation, to “make friends” with your body, your kitchen, and the natural world. Discover a joyful process for nourishing yourself that “feels” good, raises your consciousness, and brightens your aura.
  6. Eco-Spiritual-Live with the awareness that health, happiness, and security are yours to have, when you view life through a lens of love, versus fear. View all circumstances in your life as perfect for your learning and growth. Recognize that you were born a whole and creative being who is here to help yourself and humanity grow and evolve. Live in a spirit of faith, and honor your soul’s calling to serve humanity. Birth your higher self!
For Whom?

* Culturally creative parents (and parents to be) who want to become more eco-literate, and share a memorable Eco-Ed. legacy with their family members, now, or in the future.

*21st century lifestyle educators who wish to do the same, while awakening the heart and soul of students in the education process, versus their ‘thinking brains’ alone.

* Eco-conscious college students who want to learn a holistic way to care for their health and the health of Mother Earth, while using their self-development to cultivate relationship skills, communication skills, and feminine leadership skills.

* Mature, eco-conscious teenagers who want to learn how they can use their lifestyles (and “green” lifestyle choices) to take better care of their health, as well as the health of plants, animals, and  eco-systems, in order to make a difference in the world.

*People who are affected by environmental illness, stress, or depression, and are seeking ways to empower themselves on the journey of self-healing.

Forms of Learning?
  • Young adults can easily complete the training on their own. Teens are encouraged to participate with a parent’s guidance.The mentoring process is designed to empower both. The training is completed online and includes PDF’s and audios that can be easily downloaded.
  • 12 months of guided, go-at-your-own-pace learning. (Motivated learners can complete the training sooner.)
Includes These Learning Tools

You are provided in this training with 7 primary learning tools, including my Eco-Mentor Guide book and my 6 Learner/Workbook Journals. Follow the page to the bottom, to see how these books guide you on the journey to becoming an Eco-Mentor Activist.   

Mentor Book CoverMy e-Mentor Guide Book: Bring Back the Earth! Nourishing the Eco-Intelligence that Invites Whole Living 

The chapters featured in this book/curriculum are presented in the form of an ‘Educational Meal.” While the Eco-Mentor Apprentice Training introduced the “Refreshments” and ” Appetizers” portions of the meal ( 2), the Eco-Mentor Activist Training featured on this page, introduces the “Main Dishes” and “Side Dishes.”

In my Mentor Guide book, you’ll get an overview of what is featured in the “Main Dishes” and “Side Dishes” parts of my educational meal. You’ll see that when you participate in the online training, you’ll get access to all of the activities featured in the page overview. For example, the overview of “Main Dishes” describes the 11 (two part) Discovery & Empowerment Dialogues that lead you on my six step pathway to eco-intelligent living. The overview of “Side Dishes” describes the 135+ Self Empowerment Activities that accompany the Dialogues. These activities serve to enhance what you’re learning, and help you identity your interests and passions as an Eco-Mentor.

More about the Discovery & Empowerment Dialogues (Main Dishes)

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My e-Discovery & Empowerment Workbook/Journals

(6 Beautiful and Engaging Learning Companions)     
Each of the six workbook/journals highlights one of the six steps to eco-intelligent living. You’ll find 2 Discovery Missions and dozens of amazing and fun Self-Empowerment Activities within each book. Your online course (menu) makes these activities easy to reference and download!


More about the Discovery Missions (Side Dishes)
More about the Self-Empowerment Activities (Side Dishes)

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Are You Ready to Experience the Learning Journey?

Candia Lea Cole makes the case in her Eco-Mentor Activist Training that food choices and health care choices are part of an intentional life that consciously encompasses attention to body, mind, and spirit. I applaud her effectiveness at explicitly locating humans among all other species ‘within’ nature, rather than ‘outside.’ I very much like this ecologically integrated approach to thinking about food and health as part of a much larger set of important life issues.Dr. Ted Schettler, M.D., co-author of Generations at Risk and in Harm’s Way

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Eco-Mentor Activist Certification

Graduate with the “I Am an Eco-Mentor Activist” Certificate


You will come away from this training with a rare and precious wisdom for living well in today’s world. You’ll be inspired to share your wisdom in different ways, at different times throughout your life, and you’ll “be the light and love” that people and our planet so desperately need! Graduation Option/Bonus: If you would like to use your experience as an Eco-Mentor Activist, to intern with Eco-Learning Legacies, I encourage you to apply for this opportunity! Any experience you gain with me, will look great on your resume! And, it will be great to remain friends!


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Eco-Mentor Activist Training © (PDF Files and MP3 Audio Files, for Instant Download)


Join me on this amazing six-step journey into the heart’s core of eco-intelligent living. Explore the life you were born to live. Learn how your life path (your destiny) is different from the lifestyle you have created, which, if it’s rooted in material values, is incapable of meeting your authentic human needs, -the needs of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Examine the unconscious lifestyle choices you’re making each day that may be contributing to the eco-disintegration of your body and the Eath. Explore “eco-intelligent” lifestyle practices that serve to detoxify and regenerate your human ecology and the Earth’s ecology simultaneously! Develop a true friendship with the natural world, one that inspires to to hear the language of nature, and feel a greater sense of place, purpose, and belonging in the world. Learn how to eat in a way that nourishes not only your body, but your relationship with all life. Discover the power in practicing preventative medicine and becoming your own doctor. Research the events that surrounded your natal birth. Use your understanding of your birth trauma (something we all experience) to rewrite the story of your birth. Use the symbolism found in your birth journey to support your birth and emergence as an everyday sustainable leader!

This in-depth training includes my Mentor Guide book and my six Learner Workbook/Journals. The chapters and activities from each book have been extracted from each of the the whole books, and listed as individual activities in your online courseware menu. This listing gives you the ability to zero in on the activities that appeal most to you.

My Mentor Book Features: Intro to 11 Discovery & Empowerment Dialogues, each of which highlights the six steps to eco-intelligent living: 1) eco-conscious living, 2) eco-logical living, 3) eco-sustainable living, 4) eco-balanced living, 5) eco-nutritional living, 6) eco-spiritual living.

My 6 Learner Workbook/Journals Feature: 11 hands-on Discovery Missions which enhance your knowledge about each step to eco-intelligent living you’re learning about. Plus you’ll get access to 130 amazing, fun, and inspiring Self-Empowerment Activities that support you in identifying your interests, strengths, and passions as an Eco-Mentor! More Info »

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