• Is Your Dentist Eco-Friendly?

    IS YOUR DENTIST ECO-FRIENDLY?  For many years, I put the care of my teeth into the hands of a dentist who practiced holistic dentistry. This is dentistry that understands how the health of our mouths affects the health of our entire body. Recently, my dentist …

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  • Eco-Friendly Xmas Ideas!

    Hello Dear Friends, Here are a few eco-friendly gift ideas for you, to give to yourself, a loved one, or a friend. These suggestions are not extravagant, —they’re useful and reasonably priced. And, I’m guessing you might be fondly remembered by the person you give …

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  • Why I’ve Been Quite Lately…

    Hello Dear Friends It has been two weeks since I wrote a newsletter. I wonder if any of you missed my voice. It seems we all have an overabundance of things to be distracted by these days, so, maybe nobody blinked an eye?! Together, my …

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  • Will Our Presidential Candidates Protect Our Environment And Food Freedoms?

    Hello Dear Friends, Have you thought about how the current presidential race in the United States might affect our food safety and food freedom? Last week, I got an interesting email from Ocean Robbins, founder of the Food Revolution Network. His dad and colleague, John …

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  • Where My Mind Wanders, When I Attend The Minnesota State Fair

    A Snapshot of the Food Served at the MN. State Fair In Minnesota where I live, almost 2 million people attend the Minnesota State Fair each summer. And the main attraction for most is, of course, the FOOD. People wait all year long to taste …

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  • Train to Become A Certified Eco-Intelligent Eating Advocate!

    Hello Dear Friends, ATTENTION: Homeschool parents, college students, teens turning green, nutritionists, chiropractors and health educators!   Would you like to learn about the propaganda that the USDA Eating Model promotes, and why we need a new and sustainable eating model that respects the needs …

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  • Eco-Intelligent Eating Model

    Click here for printable poster: The Eco-Intelligent Eating Model Poster

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  • Goodbye USDA Food & Eating Model Propaganda!

    Hello Dear Friends, What The USDA Eating Models Fail to Tel Us, Hurts the Health of Our Bodies and the Earth! A couple of weeks ago, I told you in one of my newsletters that I was releasing a new eating model, one that offers …

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  • Our Greatest Human Need: To Make A Difference!

    Hello Dear Friends, One of the reasons I’ve been sending out fewer newsletters is that I’ve been extra busy, exploring new ways to deliver my educational mission and products globally. But the more importantly, a dear friend of my husband’s  (and a friendly acquaintance of …

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  • Surviving Off Bottled Water

    Hello Dear Friends,   In California’s Central Valley, thousands of American’s are surviving off bottled water due to the impact of climate change on severe drought. The people living there feel forgotten. What can you do? This past week, one of my newsletter readers told …

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